O Canada History

Our Home And Native Land

1. Welcome

Welcome to this great adventure of studying Canadian history!

My name is Wendy. I’m a homeschool Mom to 6 kiddos. This blog is my effort to outline and resource Canada’s history. Being Canadian is a proud and delightful thing. I want to instill a sense of belonging and a desire to contribute to our nation. My goal is to make Canadian history come alive for my children. To experience it with all their senses. I have here both print and multimedia resources that include narratives, recipes, games, songs and more. This is a work in progress. A labour of love. I’m so excited to share! Allons-y!

As a family we have toured through books and videos of the Canadian provinces and territories to give us a sense of the land. It is diverse and rich. We are so privileged to live here! I have searched for a guide to learn Canadian history but could not find one that was a good fit for us so this is my attempt to resource the stories, songs, food and fun of this great land from the early days of the First Nations until now.

There are no promises that this is complete. This is a compilation of the many suggested reading lists that I’ve come across (link to lists here), library searches, thrift store visits and google-ing. I am constantly finding new resources so this blog is a dynamic one – ever changing – so do check back often. The basic organizational structure is in place so that will not change any more.

Through all my reading I have also come to understand that our country’s history cannot be fully understood without also understanding other world events and places. We are all so integrally connected. For that reason, I keep a World History page and a Cultures page. Both are updated as we go along so there is no advance research done. I use Diana Waring’s History Revealed program for world history and we learn about various cultures as they come up.

Be sure to check out the tabs along the top of the blog as well as the categories as I’ve tried to organize it logically for easy sharing.



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